Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Shower Memory

 With lots and lots of projects on my "to-do" list and Convention just around the corner. I have been a little bit of a stress case lately. Then throw an incredibly emotional day, yesterday, on top of that and I am sort of a wreck right now. Thus the no post yesterday. To make a long story short, our new baby kitty, Abby,  broke her jaw and we have been looking at options for her. I will share more about our little baby later but for now this is what I did to distract myself yesterday awaiting phone calls.
 This is called Baby Shower Memory. I made this board for an upcoming shower my sis is hosting, per her request. I was first introduced to this game by my friend Jenn, who did it at my shower and it was a total hit. It has been passed from shower to shower since then.
This idea is just like the kids memory game we played when we were little but everyone plays together and the word and prizes are baby related. When you match two words you win the correlating candy. The hard part is finding all the right candy.

In case you would like to play this yourself here is the word=candy key

Contractions = Whoppers
Epidural = Life Savers
Sex = Good & Plenty
Babysitter = Fast Break
Baby Costs = 100 Grand
Engorged = Mounds
Conception = Skor
Nursing = Milky Way
Tummy = Jelly Bellies
Ultrasound = Look
Baby = Kisses (or Kissables)
Daddy = Big Hunk
Umbilical Cord = Red Vines or    Twizzlers
Family = Hugs
Dirty Diapers = Tootsie Rolls

Jenn also has done this same game in a bridals shower version. So stinkin' cute and everyone always loves it. Thanks Jenn for letting me share this idea!!


  1. Would Jenn share the bridal shower version? This really is so stinkin' cute!

  2. So what is in the blue and brown envelops I want to play this but not under standing it. Can you please email me how to play and make this. Thank Jennifer starjenn0202@gmail.com

  3. Hey this is sooo cute... im on the same boat with starjenno202 will you please email me the directions and how to play with what should be in each pocket? i would greatly appreciate it. Sjqasmi@gmail.com

  4. This would be great for a couples baby shower. But I would also like the direction could you please email them to me. I would greatly appreciated. Thank you eevity3@hotmail.com

  5. How did you make the envelopes? Do you have a template? I am making a board for my sister's shower.

  6. Played this at a baby shower... such a fun game and I don't really like games at baby showers!!!


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